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$1000 Gaming PC Build Guide: The Best $1000 Computer for Gaming

It time to get out of the mid-range gaming level! It’s time for an upgrade! Building your own Gaming PC is a decision you’ll never regret. With a gaming laptop, your budget of $1000 will only take you to the mid-range level at best. By building your own gaming PC, you will enjoy premium gaming PC performance at about the same cost (if not cheaper) as a budget gaming laptop.

Through this guide, we will walk you through the important factors you need to pay attention to when building a gaming pc with a $1000 budget.


Congratulations! You have now officially passed the mid-range category to explore the world of premium gaming. The gaming PC you will build through this guide can easily exploit any 1080p-1440p monitor and will allow you to dip your toes on much more advanced 4k gaming.

This gaming PC build offers so much more than those cheap mid-range gaming laptops. No, this gaming PC is a beast. It will devour anything you put in its way!

Let’s take a quick look at the different components you will check out to make your gaming PC build a powerful one.

  • Processor
  • Graphics Card
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Case
  • Power Supply


 Choosing the components that will work together determines the success of your gaming PC build. You must have a thorough understanding of the capability of each element you will incorporate in your project.

This section will list the most important factors to think about when choosing each component for your gaming PC. You’ll have a list of items that have been recommended by some of the most reputable gaming PC builders out there.

Central Processing Unit


Every computing device houses a chip that processes data and executes different commands. It is more commonly known as the Central processing unit (CPU). It is the most important part of your system. CPUs are differentiated by their clock speed, heat output, power input, and other benchmarking categories.

Intel has a line-up of powerful processors at different price points. They have been making great advances in the world of processors.

However, given our budget constraint, there are big factors to account for that are reasons enough to consider AMD’s processors. AMD’s counterpart for Intel’s chips offered the best value for the buck.

Let’s take a look at AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X. For its price, the Ryzen 5 3600X’s stock cooler performs better. It is designed not only for gaming but for other processor taxing tasks related to video and rendering. Moreover, AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X is suited for overclocking.

Graphics Processing Unit

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has the second biggest impact on your gaming PC’s performance. It is responsible for translating the data from your CPU to be rendered as the images you see on your monitor.

Choosing the wrong GPU will ruin your gaming experience and you don’t want that!

This is where the AMD Radeon’s RX 5700 XT comes in. For its price, it offers premium performance and high-fidelity gaming. It handles 1440p gaming without a sweat! It was designed to manage visual effects and a multi-level cache hierarchy that delivers a highly responsive gaming experience.

You don’t want to lose because of a lag in the middle of the game! Getting a powerful GPU is a no-brainer.



It is a heated discussion among the gaming community and the gaming PC builders if a 16GB worth of RAM makes more impact in the gaming experience than having the 8GB RAM.

The most popular advice you’ll get is to buy 16GB RAM. In reality and in most benchmark tests done, the extra 8GB does not make a notable difference in the gaming PC’s performance.

Even with the $1000 constraint on your budget, you can still afford to buy 16GB RAM for your gaming PC. Making this choice ensures that your gaming PC build will be able to handle the games to be released in the future.



A 1 TB SATA SSD is your best choice. It is plenty of space to store and run your games. If you still want more, you can easily add another 1TB hard drive if you need another location for your other files.


gaming PC cases

Thanks to the market competition, there should be enough options for gaming PC cases within the $40-$80 price range. Looking for a PC case should not be a difficult task. You only need to know what exactly you’re looking for.

Looks can be deceiving! In choosing a great PC case, just like in choosing musical instruments, you have to first check a couple of things before even considering its looks.

In choosing a gaming PC Case, you have to check:

  1. Size – It has room for the components mentioned above. You should have an idea if your hardware will easily fit in your case. There are at least four (4) globally accepted gaming pc case sizes: Full Tower Case, Mid Tower Case, Mini Tower Case, and Mini-ITX Case.
  2. Airflow – Since the goal of your build is to have a gaming PC at a premium performance, heat is one of the drawbacks you have to manage. You have to make sure that there is enough space for the heat to flow to avoid thermal throttling caused by overheating. Check if the case has extra cabinets for additional fans as needed. A standard case to consider should have at least three cabinets for fans.
  3. Cooling System – If it is in your long-term plan to integrate cooling systems into your build, decide which system you would adapt and check if there are openings available for an easy install. Check the supported radiator sizes indicated on the specs page of your gaming pc case.
  4. Cable Management – Finally, you would want to check if your gaming pc case features a cable management system. Gone are the days where opening a case feels like a time-bomb is about to explode and you don’t know which wire does what!


You’re almost there! You’re down to the last couple of elements to your gaming PC build! The consensus among gaming PC techs specifies to get a quality 450W power supply. Even with pushing your gaming PC to its limits, you should be able to handle even the most tasking scenarios.

Your gaming PC’s power supply won’t increase your frame rate capabilities and GPU overclocking but it has the most valuable impact on your whole system’s health. Choose a low-quality power supply and your system will struggle running or will not run at all. Worst case scenario, your system will not last long!

Make the most out of your budget by choosing the best quality product that will be sufficient for your system.

  1. Determine the Correct Wattage for your Gaming PC – There are now dozens of sources online that provide power draw benchmarks for your CPUs and GPUs. This will give you an average estimate of what your system will need.
  2. Stick to Well-known Manufacturers – Fierce competition among suppliers benefits the consumers. However, in this case, avoid getting your gaming PC’s power supply from low-quality suppliers who may rate their power supplies at a much higher rating than what the unit supplies.

The golden rule is to do your part and make extensive research on which power supply will do justice to your gaming PC needs.


Now that you’ve invested so much time choosing what goes on in your gaming PC, you would not want to sacrifice your peripherals and just pick what’s easily accessible.



Here are some thoughts to consider while looking for a monitor for your gaming PC.

a. Resolution

Your monitor’s resolution dictates the quality of the pictures you see. More pixels are needed to produce the best-looking picture on your monitor. For most of the games today, you’ll enjoy an optimal QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution for screens between 27-32 inches. This should not give too much load on your GPU.

b. Pixel Density

Pixel density should not be confused with resolution. Pixel density determines the amount of detail on a device’s surface, resolution describes the amount of pixel information regardless of the size of the physical surface.

As a rule of thumb, a large monitor with a lower resolution will bring a lower pixel density.

c. Refresh Rates

To put it simply, refresh rates are the number of times your monitor receives and displays new information per second. It is measured in Hertz Hz. The higher the refresh rates are, the better the displayed images will be.


gaming Keyboard

A swordsman is as revered as his sword. You don’t want a crappy keyboard for your premium gaming pc build. You want a quality gaming keyboard since it is the gate to access your gaming PC.

Different Types of Gaming Keyboard

It is wise to understand the technology used in the keyboard you choose. One type of keyboard that has been adapted in most laptops today, the scissor-type of keyboard is characterized by its embedded keys.

Another type of keyboard is the membrane-type keyboard. A rubber membrane under the keys makes contact with the plate. These are low-cost keyboards since they are easy to manufacture. Due to its design, it tends to cause lag when the contacts between the plate and the rubber membrane are not established.

The most popular type of keyboard among owners of gaming PCs is the mechanical type. It has been the most reliable among the types of keyboards.



Just like the keyboard for your gaming pc, you’ll have thousands of options to choose from when it comes down to your mouse; and this is not an exaggeration!

Any regular mice can be used for games. The main factor that separates a gaming mouse from a regular one is the speed of the sensor used and the software that allows the user to customer the mouse’s function.

The best rule to follow is to put into account how the mouse fits into your hand. You’ll spend hour after hour in games, the ergonomic design of the mouse has to be considered. Other than this, the game will most likely dictate if you need the more ‘advanced’ gaming mouse in the market. 

Conclusion: With a $1000 gaming pc build, you will have more than enough power to play the games you love at a premium gaming experience.

As you’ve seen through this guide, the best gaming pc you can build requires a hard look at your budget, your gaming needs, and the amount of time spent to get the most out of your dollar. You will build a monster gaming pc that will give you the optimum gaming experience.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or to directly reach out to us through our website if you have questions about building your gaming PC.



5 Common Mistakes of Logo Design

Your logo is the first thing noticed by a customer of your company. The logo reflects the face of how people remember and connect with your firm. Although there are a lot of things you can do to make a logo unforgettable, there are a few basic mistakes you can make that would kill a logo.

logo designerFortunately, this kind of mistake is easy to rectify if you know what you’re doing. We’ve broken down the top errors that they most often occur in logo design categories like colour, forms, and icons.

1. Copycat Style

There is no better way to destroy a concept than to duplicate a current design. Getting a symbol that looks identical to another company’s logo will cause marketing efforts to fail. Not only is it immoral, but the chance of being captured is also high.

When your branding is also the same as that of your rival, you’ll be compared to those in the industry. If a corporation uses a highly recognised corporate mark that looks identical to yours, the company would definitely lose sales.

Of course, it isn’t realistic to search any item of clothing for similarities. Check the nearest rivals and see if they have any major red flags.

2. A Logo Design That Uses Raster Graphics

Raster graphics are an often-not-checked interface error. Logos either contain raster or vector data. Vector graphics have precision lines, while raster graphics are made of pixels. Vector graphic images are superior to bitmaps due to their ability to scale well to any size without lack of consistency.

Neuron graphs do not. As time goes by, the picture becomes less detailed. Graphic designers and company owners are often unaware that vector and raster applications need to be used in parallels, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Because of increased popularity in graphic design competitions, it’s common for companies to accidentally buy and invest in a logo design that is raster. The effect is a fuzzy logo which makes it unsuitable for several purposes.

3. No Visual Hierarchy

There is a simple logical and intuitive connection between fonts you have selected that are easy to read. Where does the audience’s eye shift first? What details do we get, what order, and at what rate? Will the symbol have a normal flow between the tag, the primary font, and the secondary font?

Visual hierarchy is all about creating something convenient for humans to discern. We see vivid colours and sexy pictures first, followed by bland and unappealing pictures.

4. Unconfident Intention

Beneath the pointless picture, colour, and font is a deeper meaning. The visual style of a logo conveys the beliefs and offers a connection to the product.

For example, the logo for an airline has a different emotional purpose than the logo of a food chain. Customers will equate your logo with your company’s identity, so you need to line up your company’s identity with your logo.

If your brand is all about trendy fashion trends, choosing something contemporary, exclusive, and distinct would cater to your customer base. For customer service, the staff needs to be calm and trustworthy to deliver the best service.

Take a moment to consider how your visual identity can boost the artistic value of your brand. How do you want the logo to express or depict? What feelings would you want people to experience as they see your logo?

5. Choosing The Wrong Font

It is important to select a font that suits your organization’s marketing strategy and mission. If you own a cutting-edge tech firm, you can decide not to have a flashy font with complicated designs.

Besides, help ensure the font is easy to see. The excess of colour or the lack of distinction between text and context makes your logo impossible for viewers to read.

As you begin experimenting and brainstorming, a great logo idea might strike you but bear in mind the 360-degree approach of viewing a logo. Make sure you house no controversies (like the recent Myntra logo in India), and your logo is one of a kind as well as makes your brand remembered.

Some awesome logo design examples are Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Starbucks, and Target among many others. Now, I didn’t show one picture here, but you saw it too when you read the names. THAT is what the logo must do!

What to Ask While Hiring an Adelaide Interstate Removalist Company?

Moving your valuable possessions from one place to another is noted to be one of the most stressful affairs in life. Those who have experienced it at least once do remember the strain involved in it, but most of them who are new to it still think it is such an easy task. In fact, from planning the move to packing and executing it well, there are hundreds of hurdles to jump over in terms of interstate removals to succeed.


Choosing a service provider

One should know that interstate removal is never a DIY job, the support of a professional removalist is essential. There are plenty of movers Adelaide offering customized removal services in home and office shifting. However, you need to be very diligent in choosing an adequate service provider to offer to you the best budget friendly solutions. Make sure that your removalist is;

  • Highly experienced in the type of interstate removal process you look forward to.
  • Has good industry repute.
  • Deploy qualified professionals for removal tasks.
  • Have high-end transportation vehicles etc.

A few questions you should ask

A professional service provider like Delco Removals Pty. Ltd. will always be open to communicate with you effectively and understand your requirements. You can also make use of this opportunity to clarify your doubts about the process. Some handy questions to be noted down are as below.

Try to g considering and also read some testimonials if possible. You can do an easy comparison on getting detailed quote from 3 to 4 providers and then decide the best one for your purpose.

What type of insurance the removalist offers?

Most of the providers cover only labor or loading/unloading related accidents. You can ask if there is a provision to cover transit or road accident damage coverage etc. A good provider will be able to put forth various insurance options for you to choose based on your needs.

Whom should I call with any problem communicating with the removal driver?

Most of the times, users end up in clashes with the removal labors and drivers in terms of extra money and unwanted delays in loading / unloading and transit etc. Always make sure that your removalist provider has a physical office and anytime call support to listen to your problems and resolve your issues.

Whether they use containers on rail or same truck for pick up and delivery?

The professional companies use containers to move belongings, sometimes may have bigger risk of causing damages as it will be another provider unloading the container. The people at the delivery end may not be knowing how the packaging and stacking is done, and this may cause damage. Check all these aspects with the provider.

Whether they can give a written quote by confirming your inventory?

Any providers who are not willing to offer a written quote with detailed terms and conditions should be avoided. In such cases, they can ask for more money at the end and this may end up in clashes. The professional services will offer detailed quote with cost of each heads and expected additional costs if any with details of how these will be calculated.

Aboriginal Art

Australia aborigines

Aboriginal Art also referred to as Australian Indigenous art is a type of painting done on several objects like clothes, woods and rocks. The aboriginal art is also linked to the ancient drawing culture of Egyptians who used to draw paintings on the walls, rocks and many other ancient ornaments. The aboriginal art is the heritage of the indigenous people of Australia. These indigenous people are believed to be the ancient men from Africa who migrated to Australia some 50,000 years ago. Due to the ancient touch in the aboriginal art, it has gained international recognition and now artists from around the globe are also indulged in aboriginal art. The aboriginal art have many branches in itself. People use to explain stories in the form of paintings done on various objects. This attribute of art is acclaimed by many people in the world and such work is also auctioned at high prices in popular art festivals. The aboriginal art is used by artists to paint visual stories that have the heritage of world’s oldest stories in form of paintings that are about 50,000 years old unchanged as they are passed down to generations.

The aboriginal art is done in many ways like rock painting, rock engraving, dot painting and bark painting etc. The rock painting is the oldest tradition of the world. These rock paintings are usually found on rock caves as they were made by ancient people when they used to live on caves. People still love to paint rock caves as they were made by ancient people when they used to live on caves. People still love to paint rocks and engrave them in order to conserve the culture and heritage. The work of aboriginal painting on rocks found in western part of Australia is the oldest example of painting done by ancient men and is estimated to be around 40,000 years old.

Dot painting is the attribute of Aboriginal painting that uses the traditional aboriginal colours like red, white and brown. The dot painting was done by the ancient people to encrypt their private stories and messages from strangers. The ancient artists used dots in specific patterns and colours to convey their visual messages and write sacred stories that could only be understood by their kinds. Likewise the bark painting is also the eldest form of the aboriginal art which is still practiced by the indigenous generation. Bark painting usually involved carving out wood from barks to make images that seemed like paintings.

The aboriginal art is the traditional way of painting that has its roots netted to the ancient times. This type of art is helpful in describing the culture of ancient African tribes and the believed descendants in Australia have revived the culture for thousands of years. They continue to preserve their heritage by teaching the artwork to their younger ones. The aboriginal art has grown worldwide importance and items are displayed at many festivals. The noble work on objects is also sold at high prices by the admirers of ancient artwork.

The Power Of Local SEO

Are you looking for top local SEO services? I always belief the best traffic from the internet is SEO traffic which is the traffic fromt the search engines. Because it is by far the most targeted traffic you can ever get to your website. I’m not saying the the paid traffic is not good. But let me ask you a question. How much money you can spend on the paid traffic? It will hurt your pocket in long run. How about when you stop paying money for the paid advertising? Your website’s traffic stops immediately and you will not getting leads from your website anymore. Adel SEO is the No.1 advertising choice when comes to getting traffic from the Adelaide community. If you business is located somewhere in Adelaide then you should have a website that is well seoed and out rank your competitors. Your website should be targeting the local Adelaide keywords instead of the global keywords that is because the local keywords do the best conversion. It can convert your website visitors into cusomers fairly easy. I will share some of the SEO tips in this article so continue reading to learn it.

Search Engine Optimisation

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is one of the most important factors that Google takes into account when ranking your website. You should understand the importance of the page rank and how it can help your website to rank high on Google and other Search Engines. A page rank is a method that Google’s search uses to estimate the significance of pages in the website. It is an algorithm that ranks the websites by Google’s research in their search engine results.

Page rank roughly determines the importance of a website by keeping record of the number of quality links that are connected to a page. Google uses a web spider known as Googlebot that counts links and also collects information on web pages. Even though it’s not the only algorithm that is used by Google, it’s the first best-known that the company has ever put into use. It was named after one of Google’s founder Larry Page. In general, your website should get the backlink from the high page rank website that is because Google trust the high page rank website.

Understanding about Keyword

As I said before local keyword is the most effective keyword and it has the highest conversion rate. A keyword is a word that a search engine uses for important web pages in its search. It is a word with special meaning that is retained by a program which can either be parameters or commands in programming.

They are also referred to as Reserved Names. In a programming language, there is a group of keywords that are used as not variable names. A keyword is also an index entry that recognizes a given document or record. It’s a word that describes the internal features of an author’s reasoning used by academics. It’s used ideally to refer to a specific subject or index.  If you are not sure what type of keyword you should be using for your website then you should consult your local SEO company and they will help you to choose the best keywords that convert well for your website.

However, if you have the hard time to find the best SEO company in Adelaide perhaps you can contact us and let us know what is your needs.

You can read us easily by clicking the link below.

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